The three-judge panel out of San Antonio rolled out the final court-ordered Texas House map the day before the holiday. Representative Aaron Peña was among those who took time around the turkey table Thursday to discuss the map with friends and family, and his future in public service.

According to YNN Political Contributor Harvey Kronberg, of the Quorum Report, Peña’s decided not to seek another term in office.

"The district I have been placed in is a 75% Democratic seat. It is unwinnable by me or any Republican candidate and I will not move into another legislative district to run against a colleague," Peña said.

The court-ordered map will dictate the March and November 2012 elections here in Texas, that’s if the judge’s panel in Washington, DC doesn’t act in a timely fashion. They have, after all, been told to take their time.

Attorney General Greg Abbott weighed issuing a request to stay the enforcement of the House map, knowing full well doing so would likely delay the primary elections for the Texas House of Representatives.

Abbott said, "While all unaffected primary elections will continue as scheduled on March 6, 2012, the State is prepared to delay its Texas House of Representatives primary elections in order to ensure that it is not forced to conduct elections using a legally flawed map."

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