So it looks like Newt Gingrich’s recent surge to the top of the polls will last, for a while. Maybe. Other GOP hopefuls have taken their turn as the frontrunner, only to – after a few weeks – fall back into the pack without having garnered any ‘seal of approval’ from a credible figure or, in this case, publication.

Courtesy: Politico

Or so I thought.

Sunday, The Union Leader made it known Gingrich was its choice to secure the Republican presidential nomination. Readers’ comments said otherwise.

Nearly 200 had posted their peace underneath the editorial board’s endorsement just hours after it hit the home page . Many told the paper that by making such a choice The Union Leader had lost ‘any credibility.’ Others called it a ‘let down,’ ‘lame,’ and an ‘endorsement of the status quo.’

More than one endorsed Rep. Ron Paul instead.

During my brief stay in New Hampshire this October, I made a point to pick up a copy of The Union Leader each day knowing its reputation. The paper, based out of Manchester, is the go-to for many New Englanders when it comes to the politics of the region.

Whoever you like, The Union Leader’s endorsement definitely makes a statement. The paper’s reputation coupled with the fact that it’s in the state where the first primary happens (that being January 10), says that after several months of evaluating the field and only six weeks till the first ballots are cast there they’re set on Newt.

Not Mitt Romney, surprisingly.