Exactly 10 days following Perry's gaffe, Lunagames released Oops: What's the third agency again?

Imagine a world where you control how Rick Perry’s "oops" moment plays out, over and over again. The combinations of the different phrases the GOP presidential hopeful exchanged that night are endless. Come to find out, this app has some competition. There are a total of four apps that center on candidate Perry. Who knew?

Well actually, I did know of the first one listed. It’s his official 2012 campaign app I downloaded a few months back when he made his run for the White House official. The app acts as a hub for all things Perry – listing every article he’s mentioned in in key media publications.

The next three, gaming companies conjured up. Two allow you to orchestrate the dialogue that filled those 53 seconds of the CNBC debate November 9 in Michigan. That night, after listing Education and Commerce, Perry blanked on the third agency of government he’d eliminate, if elected.

Now, with the tap of the screen, you decide what happens first – the ‘Oops,’ his turn to Rep. Ron Paul for help in remembering the third agency or Perry’s side note about the EPA.

The gamers at Epic American Apps Inc. thought up Thumbs Up Republicans.

It’s all in good fun. Hours after Perry’s infamous brain freeze, he was poking fun at himself on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Funny or not, the fourth and final Perry iPad app takes you back to the arcade. "Thumbs Up Republicans" is a classic Whack-A-Mole style game where the heads of different GOP figures take turns randomly popping up on the White House lawn – just long enough for you to bop them with your finger(s).

It teaches great hand-eye coordination and quickens your reaction time. I’ve made it to level 13.

Like politics, it can be tricky.