With exactly one month until the Iowa caucus, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is skyrocketing to the top of a new highly anticipated Des Moines Register poll, with 25 percent of likely Republican voter support. That number is substantial, considering Gingrigh stood at 7 percent in the last Iowa poll, which was conducted between October 23-26.

The newest poll is also good news for Texas Congressman Ron Paul who has risen to a solid second place, with 18 percent. Paul National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton issued a statement Saturday evening, saying:

“The rise of Congressman Paul’s poll numbers reflects our hopes for strong, steady growth minus the media- and pundit-influenced volatility other candidates suffer. We want to continue growing our support base incrementally and maintain the faith and trust voters put in us as they carry us toward a respectable caucus finish.”

The poll shows former frontrunner Mitt Romney falling to third place, with 16 percent. Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and no-longer-candidate Herman Cain are tied at 8 percent.

Support for Gov. Rick Perry continues to fade. He is currently in a two way tie for fifth place with Rick Santorum. His freefall doesn’t seem to be slowing despite a major ad blitz in the state, including a new faith focused ad released, yesterday. Later this month, more than 600 Texans will head to Iowa to help drum up support for the Governor.