Before a list of women came forward alleging past relationships with Herman Cain, the former Republican presidential candidate’s message centered on 9-9-9 – his plan to overhaul the current tax system.

Over the past several weeks, Cain has had to instead shift the conversation to his personal life and defend accusations of sexual harassment and one of a 13-year extramarital affair.

In his remarks Saturday afternoon in Atlanta, Cain told a crowd of stanch supporters while he "is at peace with God; at peace with his wife and most importantly, at peace with himself," he is suspending his presidential campaign.

The audience there was none too happy.

Cain cited the strain the accusations have put on his family, primarily his wife Gloria; the pain it’s caused her.

With that declaration, Cain vowed to stay relevant in discussing the issues affecting our country and continue to be a "voice for the people." That includes keeping 9-9-9 alive.

It was his next statement that peaked the interest of his now-former GOP contenders. As part of his "Plan B," Cain would be endorsing a candidate for president. He immediately ruled out the current Commander and Chief.

Within moments of Cain leaving the stage, CNN was reading a statement Michelle Bachmann had issued acknowledging Herman’s tough decision to leave the race and wished he and his family the best.

Cain can expect several more public statements, like Bachmann’s, to follow from the seven GOP candidates who remain.