With Herman Cain out of the race, Gov. Rick Perry is hoping some of his support will swing his way. In a letter to supporters on the ‘donate’ page on his website, Perry praised Cain as someone whose "appeal was that of a Washington outsider – someone not beholden to the entrenched Beltway interests, and who hasn’t spent his life cutting deals at the expense of conservative principles." Perry says with the Iowa Caucuses just about a month away, he is "truly the only Washington outsider left in the race." Cain has also said he plans to endorse one of the remaining candidates, which could be a boost to Perry’s campaign.

Meanwhile, Rep. Ron Paul is releasing his newest television ad he is calling "Big Dog." The issues-centric ad will start airing today in Iowa and New Hampshire, where the first caucus and primary will be held in January. The :30 second asks "What’s up with these sorry politicians? Lots of bark, but when it’s showtime, whimpering like little shih tzus." The ad goes on to talk about Paul’s plan to cut $1 trillion from the federal budget and his proposal to eliminate five government agencies.