We flew in Wednesday ready to weather the cold Midwest air and found it warmer than what we left in Texas. According to a few local meteorologists, the balmier temps will stick around through Tuesday night when Iowa’s registered Republican voters head to their nearby church or school to caucus.

Party officials tell me the weather is just one of the reasons they’re expecting a high turnout for the meeting-style vote. See, come 7 p.m. Tuesday night, voters in their respective precincts will gather to hear last-minute pitches from the candidates themselves or a representative as to why they should get their vote.

With more than 1,700 precincts, voters are more likely to hear from campaign representatives. That’s where the grassroots effort comes in.

All of the campaigns, especially Rep. Ron Paul’s, have spent the past few weeks recruiting volunteers from across the country to ensure they have a representative at each location.

I quickly learned after talking with likely voters, the majority are still undecided. Many told me they plan to wait till Tuesday night to make up their minds.

Not all.

One guy simply said, "Anyone, but Mitt Romney." He went on to explain he doesn’t feel the former Massachusetts governor is a true conservative, but added that if Romney was the eventual nominee, he’d vote for him over President Obama.

At least two people pledged their allegiance to Paul after listening to him on a stop in Perry, Iowa Thursday. One told me they found him genuine – that he’d do what he’s promising.

The support for Paul is evident in the state. Turning on WHO Radio this morning, Jan Mickelson made mention that he has never had an unsolicited Rick Perry supporter call in on a whim to laud their candidate, but that Ron Paul has countless do so on a daily basis.

And it seems as though Rick Santorum’s persistence is paying off. The former US Senator from Pennsylvania touts that he’s visited all 99 counties in Iowa and his poll numbers, and ad runs, are beginning to reflect his efforts.

Could he be the come-from-behind upset? Anything’s possible. Between now and Tuesday, Iowans will have plenty of opportunities to hear the candidates’ pitches in person or via the airwaves.

We’ll be here to cover it all on air and online, saving the heavy coats and scarves for New Hampshire.