In the week or so since arriving in Iowa, I’ve learned voters here are all about procrastinating. Pretty much anyone I’ve engaged in conversation has told me who they’re leaning towards, but that they’ll make their final choice caucus night.

Those delayed decisions have left an already volatile field really anyone’s for the taking, at least any of the six GOP hopefuls campaigning here.

Voters have had plenty of opportunity to meet the candidates, hear their different messages in small, intimate settings and fact check their claims – including those made in the ads airing nonstop locally.

Yes, most Iowans do their homework before they caucus. Most.

Some have told me, somewhat starry-eyed, that a candidates’ words alone – especially those that incorporate bible scripture – have locked in their vote.

More than anything they want to be able to vet the candidate. They take the responsibility of being the first Americans to vote seriously. They might not have an impeccable record of predicting the eventual nominee, but they do succeed in narrowing the field.

Voters listen as Governor Perry speaks in Perry, Iowa Monday night.

A big part of the vetting process is Q&A sessions. And Monday night, in his final stop on a multi-city bus tour of Iowa, Rick Perry didn’t offer those in the audience that opportunity.

He spoke at the Hotel Pattee in the town of Perry with familiar faces by his side – his immediate family, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, State Comptroller Susan Combs, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Kansas Governor Sam Brownback.

Afterwards one voter told me about how Rick Santorum had also spoken there, earlier in the day, and how he took 30 to 45 minutes answering questions.

When I asked this voter if his choice was then Santorum, he told me, ‘No, that it’s between Gingrich and Perry.’


Again, anyone’s game. Or, maybe the voters are just having fun with the scores of media in town that clearly outnumber them at many candidate events.

One thing is clear, at least according to state Republican Party officials, the turnout for this caucus is expected to be great.

Voters are motivated to choose the right person to unseat President Barack Obama and with temperatures a balmy 13 degrees (zero with the wind chill), weather shouldn’t be a factor…