GOP presidential candidate and Texan Ron Paul came in a close third in the Iowa caucus Tuesday night with 21 percent of the vote.

Paul’s grassroots support across Iowa echoed back home in Texas, and despite critics who claim Paul isn’t electable, his supporters in Austin say he’s on the way to victory.

"We will go on. We will raise the money. I have no doubt about the volunteers. They’re going to be there," Paul said.

He couldn’t quite capture a first-place finish at Tuesday’s Iowa caucus, but Paul’s supporters came out strong enough to see him finish a solid third. Paul said his finish is a strong message to the status quo.

"Too often, those who preach limited government and small government, they forget, that invasion of your privacy is big government,” Paul said. “We have to emphasize protecting your personal rights and your economic rights, are what the government’s supposed to do. They’re not supposed to run our lives or spend our money."

In Texas, Paul’s support was no different. A packed house of Paul backers gathered in Central Austin to watch what happened in Iowa.

"I came out here because I support Ron Paul and I want him to do well in this caucus. I’ve been following Ron Paul since the 1970s and have always liked his small government, freedom-oriented views," Paul supporter Jerri Lynn Ward said.

Akash Sharma said he believes so strongly in Paul for president that he devoted his New Year’s plans to helping out the cause.

"I had a free ticket on American Airlines anywhere, and I was thinking what am I going to do New Years Eve? I thought I’d do something productive and find the grassroots campaign office for Ron Paul in Cedar Rapids. I called them up and asked if they needed volunteers and they said sure," Sharma said.

Even as critics continue to say Paul’s not electable, his supporters keep showing up and say don’t count him out too quickly.

“Their first tactic seemed to have been to ignore him, thinking he would go away and he kept building up," supporter Lynn Foster said.

"I would say we’re still ready to go and not going to give up, still going for Ron Paul 2012," supporter Matt Wood said.

Paul’s next stop will be New Hampshire. His campaign is banking on its organized volunteers already in place in the state, some of whom were along for the ride four years ago in his previous bid for president.