If you’re a journalist covering Gov. Perry’s presidential race, you’re no stranger to the flood of ‘Perry Press’ emails that flood your inbox. With the governor seemingly hell bent on continuing his campaign through South Carolina, you’d think his campaign would send an official notice to the press. You’d be wrong.

The governor announced Tuesday he was reassessing his campaign. The official press stayed silent. And even when he made it clear via Twitter that he planned to charge forward: crickets.

Maybe Perry’s campaign is still regrouping since the governor surprised us all by sticking it out? Perhaps his shocked staff is trying to come up with a new strategy? Or maybe they’re just enjoying a few days off in Austin?

Your guess is as our good as ours. Whatever the case, we’re interested to see what the first communications from the press staff will say.

So far, the only official sign is his newly revamped, South Carolina touting webpage: