Congressman Lloyd Doggett is one of the candidates waiting to to hear which district he’ll be running in. The original legislative maps moved Doggett out of his current district 25 and into district 35, which includes much of San Antonio. But the interim maps restored Doggett’s original district. He says for now, he’ll actively campaign in both districts.

He issued this statement Monday:

"I am hopeful. While the final district boundaries remain uncertain, I am prepared to seek reelection in whichever district contains the largest number of those I now represent. Ultimately, I believe that the courts will reject Governor Perry’s scheme to divide our community and to exclude the many here, who know me best from having a say on my continued service. Meanwhile, I will continue working actively in San Antonio, Austin, and the entire IH-35 corridor.

The election may very well be postponed beyond April 3, but the most important consideration is that these districts be drawn consistent with the principles of the Voting Rights Act. There was no indication in this case that the Court was questioning the constitutionality of the Voting Rights Act. Next up, is the redistricting trial in Washington, which begins next Tuesday, in a three-judge court that has already strongly rejected the State’s motion for summary judgment."