GOP hopefuls are now in their final push in New Hampshire.

Voters will hit the polls Tuesday, and many haven’t decided on a candidate just yet. The latest poll in the state shows Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum encroaching on Ron Paul’s second place status.

Paul’s campaign held three events Monday, but that was not nearly as many some of the other GOP hopefuls. Santorum held five events Monday, Huntsman held seven and Newt Gingrich also held seven.

Candidates hoped to offer more opportunities for undecided voters to meet them, but with cameras everywhere, Monday was not exactly how Ron Paul anticipated meeting New Hampshire voters.

Paul tried to outsmart the media by sneaking in a side door at Moe Joe’s Breakfast Nook in Manchester. He shook the hands of some high school seniors for a time and then left.

"I shook his hand. That’s about all I got to see of him. He passed by. Everyone’s already swarming around him," one person said.

The overwhelming attention on the man who’s running a distant second in New Hampshire to Mitt Romney was too much to even move around the event.

When the first of three events of Paul’s campaign ended prematurely, voters weren’t so happy.

"[I’m] just disappointed he didn’t come in. He’s got to eat breakfast somewhere. Why didn’t he eat right here — you know, a couple tables over from me. That would’ve been great," Jim Barr, a Paul supporter, said.

Much like Iowa, it’s all about retail politics in New Hampshire. Voters want candidates to be out shaking hands and giving them an up-close and personal encounter, but Paul’s primary eve schedule may not have afforded enough New Hampshire Republicans the chance to form an opinion before Tuesday.

Statement from Ron Paul campaign on morning incident in Manchester, NH:

“Dr. Paul has been committed to meeting one on one with New Hampshire voters, and has aggressively campaigned at town halls, house parties, and meet and greets since early last spring.

This morning, he attempted to hold an event at Moe Joe’s Diner in Manchester, to speak with patrons and supporters in the last push before the New Hampshire primary. Unfortunately, Dr. Paul and his family were forced to leave early after over 120 members of the press created a mob-like atmosphere that was deemed to be unsafe for the candidate, Moe Joe’s customers, and reporters themselves.

The campaign had planned to cover our normal degree of media interest, which is always ample. However, a significant increase in the press corps, largely driven by an influx of foreign journalists, exceeded all expectations.

Mrs. Paul herself, attempting to campaign alongside her husband, was shoved aside by one reporter and told to ‘get out of the way.’

While we are very welcoming of media coverage and grateful for the interest in Dr. Paul and his campaign, basic safety simply must come first. On behalf of Dr. Paul and his campaign team, I would like to apologize to customers at Moe Joe’s who may have been distressed by this incident, and extend our gratitude and apologies to the owners, who were kind enough to have us.

We ask the press, at all upcoming events over the next day and a half, to be respectful of both Dr. Paul and of New Hampshire voters, who are entitled to examine their candidates in a safe and responsible atmosphere."