YNN’s Erin Billups filed the above video report.

Texas’ primary date is still very much in question and it could be delayed delayed even farther, as the Supreme Court tries to sort out the state’s redistricting dilemma.

Monday, the court heard arguments for and against interim maps drawn by three federal judges in San Antonio. The issue is whether the three judge panel had the right to issue interim redistricting maps while the pre-clearance of Texas’s maps are still pending in a Washington, D.C. court.

The hearing last about one hour, and it was clear the bench is still divided on the issue. The justices spent much of the day questioning if legal wrangling over the disputed maps would be resolved in time to hold a primary election in April. The justices seemed interested in moving back the April 3 primary date to sometime in June.

You can read the 78 page transcript of the days proceedings here: