The Texas Democratic Party released a statement right after Perry’s announcement. TDP spokesperson Anthony Gutierrez called it a smart move by the governor.

You can read the complete statement below:

"Dropping out of this race is the first smart decision Rick Perry’s made in a long time. Unfortunately, the aftermath of Rick Perry’s presidential bid will affect Texans for a long time.

Rick Perry’s presidential run didn’t only damage his ego. It had real, devastating consequences on our entire state. Rick Perry used our last legislative session and state budget as a prop to launch this run. He put his political aspirations ahead of the needs of Texas children, slashed billions from public education and refused to use any of the $6 billion in our state’s savings account.

Tens of thousands of public school teachers are unemployed right now because Rick Perry wanted to position himself for a presidential run. Despite their shared affinity for firing people, not even Rick Perry could get excited about endorsing Mitt Romney. Even Perry was bright enough to recognize a vulture capitalist when he saw one.

Sadly, Rick Perry’s dangerous political agenda did not dissolve with his presidential campaign. Perry’s Texas Republican clones are marching on to implement the most extreme aspects of Perry’s out of touch policy proposals.”

We will post the Republican Party of Texas’ response as soon as it arrives.