The Texas Democratic Party fired back Monday at Attorney General Greg Abbott’s lawsuit to expedite the state’s voter identification legislation, calling it a waste of tax dollars.

TDP spokeswoman Rebecca Acuña issued this statement:

"Abbott’s wasting tax dollars to inquire whether the Voter ID law is discriminatory in intent or just in effect, as if it made any difference to the people being discriminated.

General Abbott knows in-person voter fraud doesn’t exist. He already cost Texas taxpayers $1.4 million on a wild goose chase that turned up no cases of voter impersonation. Our question to General Abbott is, if there are no cases of voter impersonation, then what exactly is this legislation’s purpose? The absolute intent of this law is to disenfranchise voters.

General Abbott admits that the Republican voter-ID law would have a disparate impact on minorities, he just doesn’t care. ”

Abbott’s decision also angered the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas. ACLU Executive Director Terri Burke had this to say:

“The fact that the state of Texas filed a federal lawsuit to speed up implementation of the new Voter ID law is ludicrous. The burden is on the state of Texas to prove this voter ID law will not inhibit certain groups of Texans from voting. To shirk that responsibility shows that state lawmakers in favor of this law do not support the growth of democracy by encouraging voter participation. They want to shrink it by making it harder to vote. The ACLU of Texas has said it before, and we say it again: There is absolutely no proof of voter fraud at the polls in Texas. This bill, from the start, was a solution to a problem that does not exist.”