House Democrats are asking Gov. Rick Perry to repay Texas taxpayers the $2.6 million dollars spent on his failed presidential run. In a letter, House Democratic Caucus Leader Rep. Jessica Farrar, D-Houston, writes to Gov. Perry, "I suggest you reimburse Texas taxpayers for the money you spent on travel expenses leading up to your withdraw from the GOP primary race."

Farrar also asks Perry to return the extra money he received in retirement pay last year.

You can read part of the letter here:

"Please submit to the Texas Comptroller’s Office a check in the amount of $2,692,376, plus any other expenses related to your out-of-state campaign activity that you charged to Texas taxpayers.

Given that $2,692,376 million amounts to about ten cents for each Texan, direct reimbursement from the Comptroller to taxpayers does not seem like a wise expenditure of taxpayers’ money — stamps are expensive these days. Instead, we could put that money back into classrooms, health services, or disaster relief services. I am open to your suggestions."