President Obama’s State of the Union address was criticized harshly by Republican members of the Texas delegation.

Austin Representative Michael McCaul called Obama’s address "further evidence of broken promises" He released this statement:

"In his first State of the Union address, President Obama promised to cut our deficit in half by the end of his first term. Since then, he has presided over the largest debt increases in U.S. history. What we heard tonight was more rhetoric that doesn’t match his record. The president says he wants to strengthen our economy and create jobs; yet 28 bipartisan jobs bills passed by the House are still sitting in the Senate untouched. The president says he wants to achieve energy independence; yet he caved to political pressure and stopped the Keystone pipeline that would have created thousands of jobs and reduced our dependence on foreign oil. Since he took office, two million people have lost their jobs and nearly half of the American population is in poverty or considered low income. This is unacceptable.

"While we share the desire for long-term economic prosperity, this president’s policies of spend more, tax more and regulate more stifle job creation, diminish families’ disposable income and continue to bury future generations in deeper debt. His policies promote entitlement over empowerment, punishing those who take risk and rewarding those who take a handout. If the president wants to move this country forward, he should start by urging the Senate to act on our jobs bills and pass a budget for the first time in 1,000 days. Americans don’t need flashy slogans and a repeat performance of the last three years. They need action right now."

In his response, Sen. John Cornyn accused President Obama of putting the country on a path to "a European-style social democracy."

"Tonight’s speech highlighted the massive disconnect between the President’s priorities and the nation’s most pressing challenges. Rather than seriously address those challenges, the President went through a familiar wish list that both Congress and the American people have already rejected.

“Americans must decide whether we want to return to our roots as a beacon of entrepreneurial energy, or continue down a path towards a European-style social democracy. I’m confident that Texans will choose the first option, and that’s what I will continue to fight for here in Washington.”

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison also weighed in, accusing Obama failing to "address the fundamental solutions that would help get Americans back to work."

You can view Hutchison’s full video statement, below.