Some call Ron Paul’s message radical, but regardless, Texans in his congressional district seem to love him.

Paul has served in and for the coastal stretch of Texas known as Lake Jackson. It’s a town with plenty of industry and small town values. Residents have trusted Paul to represent them well in Washington.

"He pretty much has the same family values. You know, most of the kids in Lake Jackson were born by him," resident Rex Hewitt said. "Of course we’ve given up a lot because he doesn’t take a lot of the pork that other congressmen will take. We haven’t received all of the benefits that the federal government could give us, but we’re independent. We really don’t want it."

Paul has made a life in Lake Jackson. He’s worked as an OB/GYN, state lawmaker, U.S. congressman and most recently as a GOP presidential contender.

"As a congressman, he was known as Mr. No. He was not real apt to go on with a lot of political bargaining, but he always did well for our area," resident Amy Payne said.

But long-time constituents, who’ve re-elected him nearly a dozen times, aren’t so sure his approach can be effective as president.

"Like getting rid of the Fed. That’s very radical for our nation and a lot of people want to keep some part of that,” Payne said. "I think they’ll be parties that won’t be as willing to work with him."

Lake Jackson residents say Americans may not be willing to embrace so much change right away, but they’re happy he’s running.

"He probably won’t win, but he’s showing the American people, hey, you need to take a look at these other ways to look at it," Hewitt said.

When Paul is not busy on the presidential campaign trail, people in Lake Jackson say it’s not unusual to see him riding his bike around town.