The redrawn interim redistricting maps released Monday weren’t exactly welcome news for Rep. Lloyd Doggett. Doggett’s district remains in flux, as does the date of the Texas primary.

For years, Doggett’s district included most of Travis County. Under the legislatively drawn maps, that district was carved up to include Western Travis County extending to Tarrant County; effectively making it a Republican seat.

The first set of interim maps drawn up by the San Antonio court in November restored Doggett’s traditionally democratic, hometown district. Then, those maps were tossed by the U.S. Supreme Court last month. Now, under the new interim maps, District 25 is once again divided.

Since December, Doggett has been actively campaigning in both districts He issued this statement today, in response to the Attorney General’s announcement:

"It’s no surprise that Governor Perry will attempt most anything to block my reelection. As the Court reviews the Governor’s defective attempt at settlement to which so many have objected, I will continue meeting with concerned citizens from the Alamo to the Alamo Drafthouse, ready to seek reelection wherever the largest number of my current constituents reside."