Rep. Ron Paul is seeing a bit of a bump in the polls, heading into tonight’s primary contests. A new national Reuters/Ipsos poll puts Paul in second place with 21 percent. That is still eight points behind frontrunner Mitt Romney, who leads with 29 percent. Newt Gingrich trails just behind in third with 20 percent. While still in last place, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum also saw a slight bump. His poll numbers jumped about five percent, with 18 percent of Republican voters saying they’d support him.

Paul’s campaign is touting his five point jump in the polls. National Campaign Chairman Jess Benton said:

“This poll further illustrates that Ron Paul is emerging as the real conservative alternative to Mitt Romney, and that he can also obtain the needed support from Independents and disenfranchised Democrats to defeat President Obama in November.”

Paul hasn’t had a first place finish in any of the early voting states. He skipped the Florida primary and has been banking on his grassroots support in the caucus states to stay afloat.

In addition to the Missouri primary, voters are caucusing in Minnesota and Colorado, tonight. Paul has also been focusing a lot of his energy in the Maine caucuses. Even if he has some success in those states, however, overtaking Romney in the delegate count at this point in time would be a huge feat.