Governor Rick Perry might be out of the presidential race, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to play a role in this year’s election. Perry has about $270,000 left in his war chest. The money was meant to be used in a general election, had Perry made it that far. Instead, he is looking to create his own political action committee.

In a letter, campaign treasurer Sal Purpura informed the FEC that the campaign would like to use "both new contributions and residual funds in its primary-election account to finance its activities once it transitions to non-connected PAC status." According to the letter, it hasn’t been decided if it will be a traditional PAC or a Super PAC; which could accept an unlimited about of contributions.

All $270,000 of the general election fund wouldn’t be in play. According to the letter, the Perry campaign "has already received written redesignation requests for nearly $30,000 and has received written refund requests for at least $100,000 of these funds." Those requests were from donors who didn’t want their money used for another purpose.

Ultimately, it will be up to the FEC to issue an official opinion. Perry does have a backup plan, should the FEC deny the request. He is asking if he can use the leftover cash if he runs for governor, instead.

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