An agreement has been reached on interim U.S. Congressional maps. The San Antonio federal court released a joint advisory, this afternoon. The state and several plaintiffs –including the Texas Latino Redistricting Task Force, the Mexican American Legislative Caucus and Congressman Henry Cuellar — were listed on the joint advisory.

Some highlights from the redistricting agreement include:

• The cities of Austin and San Antonio will be divided to create CD 35. The advisory states that "in addition to complying with equal population requirement for congressional districts, Texas took into account joining communities of interest, drawing a new district where significant population growth had occurred in the state, and compliance with the Voting Rights Act."

• Congressman Lloyd Doggett will likely end up running in that newly drawn district, as opposed to his current Austin anchored home district 25.

• CD 35 is identical to the original map drawn by the legislature and creates a new Latino opportunity district.

• CD33 will not be considered a coalition district. That is the district that includes the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The advisory states that the district is "is both racially and politically diverse. Electorally, no one racial group has an exclusive ability to nominate and elect its preferred candidates."
Once again, noticeably absent from the agreement are the NAACP and the Black Legislative Caucus. Those plaintiffs were also not on board with an agreement reached last week. In that case, the three judge panel instructed the state and plaintiffs to keep negotiating.

The NAACP, LULAC, and several other plaintiffs released their own brief expressing concerns over the make up of both districts 33 and 35. The plaintiffs claim that while CD 33 is a coalition district, it doesn’t "address the illegal fracturing of African American Neighborhoods."

The groups also claim the existing CD 25 is a protected crossover district, protected under the Voting Rights Act. Those groups claim carving up CD 25 to create CD 35 "cuts a substantial piece away from the core of the area embracing the tri-ethnic voting."

You can read that advisory, here.