You won’t vote for Lieutenant Governor until 2014 (even though it’s looking more and more likely Lt. Gov. Dewhurst will win his U.S. Senate race and leave the job open). However, we’re already seeing who is ahead to fill Dewhurst’s shoes.

Part 2 of the University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll shows Susan Combs with a big lead over her counterparts at 27 percent. Dan Patrick is in second, at 22 percent, however he insists he isn’t running.

State Senators will choose one of their own as an interim Lieutenant Governor if Dewhurst wins. Texans wouldn’t vote until 2014, and the newly elected Lt. Governor would be sworn-in in January 2015.

Ag. Commissioner Todd Staples and Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson are bringing up the rear in the UT/TT poll. Staples is at 9 percent, Patterson at 8. But, they have a lot of time to make up the votes.