Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst is holding on his lead in the race to fill Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s seat in Washington. Part two of a University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll shows Dewhurst, 38 percent, with a 9 point lead over Ted Cruz, 29 percent, among likely Republican primary voters. Tom Leppert and Craig James are tied far behind with 7 percent. Glenn Addison is at 2 percent.

Dewhurst has been in the lead for some time, and is largely considered the favorite. A similar poll from UT/TT in October showed the same candidates in the lead. Dewhurst was at 22 percent then, Cruz at 10 percent.

Craig James has seen a big jump in the polls since joining the race in January. A Public Policy Polling survey last month showed James at 4 percent, however the bigger issue for his campaign was likeability. Most people who knew who he was, didn’t like him. The UT/TT poll does not show favorability in the U.S. Senate candidates.

The poll has a +/- 5.7 margin of error among likely voters. 296 people made up that group.