State Rep. Lyle Larson, R-San Antonio, says it’s time for the state to start "building" Texas’ water future. We sat down with Larson Thursday to discuss the serious drought conditions in Texas.

"I’d like to see the governor, the lieutenant governor and the speaker to step up and say we’re going to start building projects that make Texas drought proof," Larson said.

Larson says the state cannot leave it up to Mother Nature if Texas is going to compete economically.

"I’m saying Texas does have a role in this. In the past we have not actively been engaged in developing our water resources but people are either going to come to Texas based on whether it be the labor component, whether it be what incentives we have for building a plant here, but I think right now, the biggest concern people have about bringing jobs to Texas is water," Larson said.

He went on to say that companies have voiced concerns to him recently about having enough water to power their plants.

You can see the whole interview with Larson, including why he’s looking to Australia for an example of how to fix the problem, in the video below.