MALDEF’s Nina Perales, Vice President of Litigation and lead counsel for the Texas Latino Redistricting Task Force in the lawsuit against the state over the maps, is calling them an achievement.

Here’s Perales’ statement:

"The interim congressional redistricting plan complies with the mandates of the Voting Rights Act by creating two additional Latino-majority congressional districts. Therefore, this litigation has achieved what the State of Texas failed to include in its legislatively-enacted congressional redistricting plan – districts that recognize the significant population growth of Latinos in Texas.”

The Texas Democratic Party is not so pleased. They say the maps are an improvement, but still fall short. Here’s what the TDP is saying:

“We appreciate the court’s efforts, but their maps are far from accurate representation. These maps may be slightly better than those passed by a radical legislature, but they still grossly misrepresent the demographics of our state. The Texas Democratic Party will continue to support our allies who are fighting to ensure that all communities are accurately represented.”