A man has been arrested after numerous Molotov cocktails were thrown at the office door of state Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth. Two staffers were inside when the fire alarm went off around 4 p.m. Davis was not there at the time.

Davis spoke outside her office last night.

"Texas is facing some tremendous challenges right now," Davis said, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "It’s unfortunate when things like this happen in the public arena, and it reminds us of how important it is for us to remain very civil in our discourse."

Texas Democratic Party chairman Boyd Richie released a statement following news of the attack.

"Betty and I could not be more thankful to hear that no one was hurt in these deplorable attacks. Offering oneself up for public service, whether as an elected official or as a staffer, should never result in the threat of physical violence. While we all have deeply held beliefs, the very foundation of our nation’s ideology rest upon the ideal that we not turn to violence to express our disagreements, regardless of how vehemently we disagree. Betty and I are keeping Wendy, her family and her staff in our thoughts and prayers in the wake of this senseless attack."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.