In light of the campaign’s low number of delegates and low position in the polls, Ron Paul supporters are coming up with a Plan B: a third party run. Volunteers with Grassroots for Liberty, a Ron Paul Super PAC, called supporters Friday asking for donations and floating the idea of a third party bid launched at the Republican National Convention in August.

“Plan B, a third party run, would be greatly [unclear] by having as much support at the national convention as possible. Showing that we can pull a ton of support from one of the major parties would be a gigantic publicity stunt and a great way to launch a third party run,” a supporter named Perry said in a voicemail Friday.

Perry went on to say that “things are so different” from when Paul ran in 2008, saying that
Rep. Paul could be successful this time around. Supporters who signed up with are asked to log on and donate money to help buy calls to potential caucus goers in upcoming states.

Paul, and many of his supporters, have said he would not seek a third party nomination if he loses the GOP race.