A new poll shows Governor Rick Perry’s failed presidential run is hurting his approval rating here in Texas. More interestingly, it could also potentially hurt a fellow Republican.

The Public Policy Polling survey shows choosing Perry as his Vice President would actually hurt Mitt Romney’s chances of winning in Texas. According to the poll, choosing Perry as his running mate would reduce Romney’s lead over President Obama from 50-43 to 50-45.

Romney has said he hasn’t chosen a running mate yet. However pundits have not put Perry’s name at the top of the list of possibilities.

The poll also spells bad news for Congressman Ron Paul’s chances in his home state. It shows 37 percent of Lone Star Republicans gave Paul favorable rating of him; 48 percent said they had an unfavorable opinion.

The Public Policy Polling survey polled 591 voters between April 19th and 22nd, as well as 400 Republican primary voters.