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Williamson County congressman backs Romney

Rep. John Carter, R-Georgetown, endorsed Mitt Romney today. He is one of three Texas congressmen backing the GOP front-runner. Congressman Pete Sessions, R-Dallas, and Congressman Mac Thornberry, R-Clarendon, also endorsed him.

"It is rare that leaders come along with such a tremendous record in the private and public sectors. Mitt Romney knows how to create jobs – he did it in business and he did it as governor," Carter said in a statement. "Right now, we need a proven job creator to replace President Obama, who has failed in his number one priority of turning around our economy. Mitt Romney has the experience, the plan, and the vision to change the direction of our country. Texas and the rest of the country deserve a leader like him.”

Perry tours tornado damage

LANCASTER, Texas — Gov. Rick Perry toured tornado-damaged areas in North Texas Thursday and met with emergency management officials. During a press conference, Perry suggested Texas would ask for federal disaster relief for areas hit by the storm. He also warned that Tuesday’s disaster is only the beginning of severe weather season in Texas.

"We’re a long way from having tornado season finished with, and about the time we get that done we go into hurricane season. Unfortunately we have a lot of natural disasters in this state, but we’re really blessed to have the people who serve at the local level," Perry said during a press conference in Lancaster.

Ten people were injured there and hundreds of buildings damaged. The tornado that hit Lancaster appears to have been an EF2, with wind speeds up to 135 mph.

You can watch Gov. Perry’s and Emergency Management Chief Nim Kidd’s remarks in the video below. State Sen. Royce West and state Rep. Helen Giddings also spoke to reporters.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Grassroots group petitions Paul to switch to third party run

Grassroots for Liberty, an online "network" of grassroots activists who support Ron Paul, started a petition to urge the Texas congressman to run as a third party candidate. More than 350 people have signed the petition so far. The group is aiming for 100,000 signatures.

"If we ensure Ron Paul runs up until the general election, we will be speaking to all of America, not just the small percentage of Republicans who vote in primaries," the group wrote in an email to supporters. "90 percent of the 146 million registered voters will participate in the general election. If Ron Paul runs and gets 20% of the vote, that would mean 26 million Americans would be showing their support for our ideas. Imagine the progress!"

Here’s what the petition says:

Dear Ron Paul,

Please run on a third party ticket until November 6th, 2012 to be the next President of the United States of America and to ensure you’ll have the biggest stage to spread the message of liberty around the world.

Ron Paul’s supporters in Austin have told us they do not think Paul will seek a third party nomination. They say they plan to support whoever is named the Republican nominee.

May 29 Texas primary date set

The Texas primary will be held May 29.

The deadline for federal judges to pre-clear redistricting maps was Sunday. A decision would’ve pushed back the already late primary to June, and would mean an even later runoff election.

Now, any changes to redistricting maps won’t take effect until the 2014 election cycle.

April 30 is the deadline to register to vote in the May 29 primary.