Gov. Perry told attendees at the annual state prayer breakfast that God forgives mistakes, including campaign gaffes.

"Every one of us has ‘oops’ moments, every day. And being able to know instinctively, intuitively, without any doubt that there is an all-loving god that is going to forgive you for that ‘oops’ moment –America may not forgive you for it, but God will," Perry said to a chorus of applause and "Amen."

Gov. Perry also said a prayer for Pres. Obama.

"Let’s pray for our president, his wisdom. I pray that God pierces his heart," Perry said, which caused some in the audience to laugh or yell out "Amen." "That he truly understands God’s will to protect innocent life and pray for his true understanding of God’s will for this country."

Thursday, May 3 is National Prayer Day. Perry formally declared Thursday a Day of Prayer in Texas at the breakfast.