The Ron Paul campaign insisted Tuesday the Texas congressman’s bid for the GOP nomination is not over. He will continue campaigning, however he won’t spend money in upcoming primary states, including Texas.

"Yesterday Dr. Paul announced that our campaign is not going to spend resources in upcoming primary states. That decision was made largely made on financial decisions but also because of the effectiveness of our delegate strategy and what we’ve accomplished so far," Jesse Benton, Ron Paul National Campaign Chairman, said on a conference call with reporters.

"Dr. Paul is not suspending his campaign and he is not dropping out of the race. Dr. Paul plans to continue actively campaigning," Benton said.

The campaign did acknowledge is it "unlikely" they will be able to block Gov. Romney’s nomination at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this summer, however they report they about more than 100 bound delegates. That number exceeds the amount usually reported.

Although he won’t campaign in his home-state ahead of the May 29 primary, Rep. Paul will speak at the Texas GOP Convention in Ft. Worth in June. He will not attend a large rally planned at the University of Texas this Saturday. Organizers had planned on thousands attending. Instead, Paul will be in Minnesota this weekend, speaking at the state’s GOP convention.