The current race for Kay Bailey Hutichson’s seat on the U.S. Senate is quite crowded on the Republican side.

Division within the party itself has become evident between Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst’s and former solicitor general Ted Cruz’s campaigns. Cruz has won the support of national Tea Party groups, some of which are now running ads attacking Dewhurst for not being conservative enough.

However, some Republicans may differ on what ‘conservative’ actually means.

"A belief in the patterns of government that have existed and worked in the past," Jim Cardle with Texas Insider said.

Jonathan Saenz with the Liberty Institute says a true conservative believes in what some would say are the core values established at America’s birth.

"Where do you stand on the issue of the role of government? Where do you stand on religious liberty and Founding Fathers?" he said.

Most would say the candidates for U.S. Senate wouldn’t differentiate a whole lot on those, but what about today’s Texas conservative?

"A personal agenda, or something divisive, where you have to answer a score card or something like that," Cardle said.

Meanwhile, Gov. Rick Perry, who’s been considered one of the Tea Party’s loudest voices, is coming to Dewhurst’s ‘conservative’ defense in one of the lieutenant governor’s latest ads.

"The fact of the matter is, they’re all conservative. They all believe in less government. They all believe in individual freedoms,” Cardle said. “They all believe in states’ rights. They’re conservatives, but again their problem is they’re running in a conservative primary."

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