It has been an ugly campaign for state Senate District 25 almost from the get-go. Now, state Sen. Jeff Wentworth says opponent Elizabeth Ames Jones made "false criminal accusations" in her campaign ads, and is hitting her with a libel and slander lawsuit. Thursday evening Ames Jones fired back, announcing she’ll file a counter claim Friday, saying her ads are true.

“I will be filing a counterclaim in Bexar County District Court tomorrow because truth is an absolute defense, and my television ads are true. It is undeniable that Senator Wentworth has billed his campaign for travel-related expenses, then been personally “reimbursed” by the State of Texas for those same travel-related expenses. That is called “double-dipping," Ames Jones said in a press release.

Wentworth says Elizabeth Ames Jones ads are "a disgrace to democracy" and criticized her for not making the claims during more than 30 debates.

"I have never heard or seen such malicious defamation. To be falsely accused of committing a crime is over the line of political discourse and has forced me into filing this defamation lawsuit against Jones. I filed this lawsuit to defend my honor and the integrity of our democracy," Wentworth said during a press conference, according to a campaign press release.

According to the Houston Chronicle, this isn’t Wentworth’s first defamation of character lawsuit. He sued an opponent in 2002 for running an ad that claimed he was involved in a special interest group.