Team Dewhurst is going all out in the final week before the Texas primary. First, they released a bunch of new campaign ads, plus, an entire website about "liberal" Tom Leppert. The campaign blitz probably isn’t cheap, and it looks like Dewhurst is fronting the bill himself.

The Associated Press is reporting Dewhurst lent his campaign close to $1.2 million on May 14, the first day of early voting. That amount brings Dewhurst’s personal campaign tab to $13.2 million. The AP says $4 million has already been paid back by the campaign.

The "Liberal Leppert" website is the first full-frontal attack on the former Dallas Mayor by Dewhurst. He’s focused most of his negative ads on Ted Cruz, until now. Leppert saw a boost in the recent University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll.

One of Dewhurst’s new ads also seems aimed at Leppert, although in a more subtle way. The 30 second spot, "Lifelong Businessman," says Dewhurst "built his own energy company from the ground up, met a payroll, created jobs." Leppert has called Dewhurst a "career politician backed by lobbyists" and an "empty suit."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.