Cruz defends amnesty record

An ad distributed by the group Grassroots America – We the People aims to defend Ted Cruz’s record on amnesty. The ad was approved and paid for by the Cruz campaign. In an email, GAWTP Chairwoman JoAnn Fleming attacks Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst saying:

"Just when you thought David Dewhurst couldn’t stoop any lower, he’s now making his most despicable attack yet on Ted Cruz.
In a last minute, desperation attempt to cling to power, Dewhurst is actually claiming that Ted Cruz, of all people, supports amnesty! Of course this is completely false, but it’s also shameful race-bating.
This shows more clearly than ever that David Dewhurst is an establishment moderate politician so hooked on power that he thinks Texans are stupid enough to believe that the same Ted Cruz who successfully defended Texas’s right to execute an illegal alien for raping and murdering two teenage girls is somehow soft on illegal immigration."

You can watch the video, here:

Leppert target of new Dewhurst ad

There has been some evidence that Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert is gaining ground in the Senate race. In an interview with Capital Tonight Thursday, Leppert said he was hoping to overtake Ted Cruz, and force a runoff with frontrunner Dewhurst.

Today, Dewhurst released a new :30 anti-Leppert Television ad. The new spot comes just days after Dewhurst launched an entire website accusing Leppert of being ‘too liberal for Texas.’

Here’s the new TV ad: