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Texas GOP responds to Holder contempt vote

Texas Republicans are applauding the US House vote to hold US Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt.

Gov. Rick Perry issued this statement:

"The U.S. House of Representatives today sent a clear message that it will not allow the Obama Administration to hide its lawless, reckless and deadly actions from the American public. The American people deserve to know what they are hiding, how high this lawlessness goes and why the President’s lawyer and best friend is stonewalling.

“I have long called for General Holder’s resignation over his involvement in the botched Fast and Furious scandal that led to the tragic death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. General Holder’s blatant attempts to mislead members of Congress and the American people, paired with his relentless crusade to erode states’ rights, have cost him the trust of this nation, and must be stopped.”

Here’s the response from Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst:

"The decision by the House of Representatives to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress is just another reminder of how President Obama and his Administration have failed the American people. It has become obvious this Administration has forsaken transparency in order to shamefully cover up their Fast and Furious gun-running operation that provided weapons to Mexican firearm smugglers. Americans deserve to know the truth and, until President Obama and Mr. Holder stop obfuscating and hiding behind executive orders, we will never know the truth behind a reckless program that has cost the life of at least one American."

President responds to health care ruling

President Obama opened his speech Thursday by saying he doesn’t want Thursday’s decision to uphold the Affordable Health Care Act to be viewed by its politics.

“Whatever the politics, today’s decision was a victory for people all over this country, whose lives will be more secure because of this law and the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold it,” he said.

According to Obama, if you already have health insurance, you will keep it. He said the law makes the insurance more secure and more affordable.

As part of the act, insurance companies will no longer be able to impose lifetime limits on the amount of care you receive, no longer discriminate against children with preexisting conditions, no longer drop coverage if you get sick and no longer able to hike up premiums without reason.

They will be required to provide free preventative care, rebates to nearly 13 million Americans, adults under 26 will be able to stay on their parent’s health care and seniors will receive discounts on prescriptions.

Obama said all benefits will continue for Americans with health insurance, and for those without it, starting in 2014, the states take be designing their own options, known as “exchanges.”

Within these exchanges, insurance companies will no longer be able to discriminate on any American with a preexisting health condition or charge more to people because of their sex. They also won’t be able to bill anyone into bankruptcy.

Obama said a credit will be provided to those who can’t afford the premiums, but those who can afford it will be required to purchase insurance.

Obama said, “Today, the Supreme Court upheld the principle if people, who can afford insurance should take the responsibility to buy health insurance.”

You can check out Obama’s full speech in the video above.

Cruz calls SCOTUS ruling a ‘sad day for liberty’

U.S. Senate Candidate Ted Cruz released this statement regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling today:

“This is a sad day for liberty. The Supreme Court has abdicated its responsibility to safeguard the Constitution, and it has rewritten Obamacare in an ill-advised attempt to save it.

“Today’s decision underscores what we have been saying all along: the solution to Obamacare will come from the people. All across America, citizens are rising up to take back our country, to defend liberty, and to roll back the out-of-control federal government.

“Today’s decision makes this Senate race in Texas all the more important. My opponent is, by nature and by over a decade of political office, a conciliator. Now is not a time for conciliation. The Senate will be the battleground on Obamacare, and I intend to lead the fight to repeal every word of it.

“Today’s decision will only strengthen the Tea Party movement – a great awakening that is sweeping the nation.

“Five federal judges have had their say. Now it’s the American people’s turn.”

Perry: SCOTUS decision ‘stomach punch’ to U.S. economy

Gov. Perry released a statement following the Supreme Court’s decision. He called it a "shocking disappointment’ and a "stomach punch" to the U.S. economy.

"This ruling will be a stomach punch to the American economy. It is a shocking disappointment to freedom-loving Americans desperate to get our country back on track. Obamacare is bad for the economy, bad for health care, bad for freedom. Americans have made clear their overwhelming opposition to its convoluted, burdensome and overreaching mandates.

"Freedom was frontally attacked by passage of this monstrosity – and the Court utterly failed in its duty to uphold the Constitutional limits placed on Washington. Now that the Supreme Court has abandoned us, we citizens must take action at every level of government and demand real reform, done with respect for our Constitution and our liberty."

Texas Dems declare victory over SCOTUS decision

Texas Democrats are pleased with the Supreme Court’s decision on President Obama’s health care law.

Austin Rep. Lloyd Doggett called it a victory for families, seniors and small businesses.

“This is a significant victory for every family and small business denied insurance or overcharged or mistreated by an insurer. And it is a victory for seniors who gain better Medicare coverage. Now we must continue our struggle to overcome the naysayers and obstructionists to assure each family has access to a family doctor.”

The Texas Democratic Party also called it a win.

“Today’s Supreme Court decision is a victory for Texans. The health care law is the only lifeline for many Texans and Americans who had nowhere to turn when they got sick. Women can celebrate that their gender is no longer considered a pre-existing condition. Texans can have the peace of mind that they won’t be shoved off their policies when they need it most.

Republicans like Rick Perry railed against the health care law but never offered a plan that would help save lives. Instead Texas Republicans put government between a woman and her doctor and ended preventive care for thousands of Texas women.

It’s time for Republicans to drop their frivolous lawsuits and move forward to implement the law in a way that will benefit most Texans.”

TX Assoc. of Business calls SCOTUS decision ‘disappointing’

Texas Association of Business President and CEO Bill Hammond says the Supreme Court’s decision on the so-called individual mandate is "disappointing." Hammond goes on to say Congress must replace the law or jobs will be lost.

Bill Hammond, President and CEO of the Texas Association of Business:

“It is disappointing that the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act, especially as it pertains to the individual mandate. The business community has always been very concerned about the cost of the law, the economic effect it will have on the country when fully implemented, and the effect on employees trying to navigate a complicated and confusing system. Unless Congress takes action to replace this plan with something that is more workable, we will see many jobs lost and many businesses that offer insurance to their employees now will drop that coverage. Congress shouldn’t be allowed to dictate the day to day lives of Americans and of business, and that’s what this ruling allows. There is still time for Congress to fix this before full implementation in 2014, and we will be working hard to make sure that happens.”

Dewhurst cites SCOTUS ruling as reason to ‘clean house’

This is Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst’s statement on today’s ACA ruling:

“Today’s decision by the Supreme Court to uphold Obamacare as constitutional is reason number one why we need a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate to repeal this monstrous law. As I have said from the start of my campaign, my top priority on Day One in Washington will be to file legislation to repeal every word of Obamacare and throw the law in the trash can. Whether the individual mandate is characterized by the court as a mandate, or a tax, it is most certainly a disaster for America.

"The Nancy Pelosi Congress and President Obama lied to the American people, denying that this disastrous mandate was a tax. Washington, D.C. insiders have been misleading Americans far too long, and it’s time to clean house. Obamacare has been a disaster since it was passed – increasing America’s tax burden to cover the out of control costs. Obamacare has further weakened our economy, and as the next U.S. Senator from Texas, I will lead the charge in repealing this atrocity. It’s time to send outsiders to Washington who are not beholden to Washington special interests to stand up to President Obama and his Administration, and ensure similar disastrous legislation never sees the light of day.”

Hutchison responds to SCOTUS Health Care ruling

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison released this statement in response to today’s Supreme Court Health Care law decision:

“The Supreme Court has declared the health care law constitutional, but that doesn’t make it good policy. In fact, the majority said it was not ruling on fairness or wisdom of health care policy, but instead on the power of Congress to levy taxes.

“The court’s ruling confirms the president’s health care law is nothing more than a massive tax on the American people.

“When the health care law is fully implemented, most Americans won’t be able to keep the coverage they have now. Their health insurance coverage choices will be decided in Washington, D.C., and there will also be new regulations to disrupt the doctor-patient relationship. $500 billion will be cut from Medicare to pay for full implementation of the health care law, plus $500 billion in higher taxes on individual Americans and businesses.

“From the start, Americans have had deep misgivings about government taking over health care, and these concerns have grown as they’ve learned more about how they will be affected. The Supreme Court’s ruling changes none of this. Americans will have an opportunity to do something about this on Election Day in November.”

Republican U.S. Senate candidates respond to SCOTUS immigration decision

Both Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate agree it is time for the federal government to focus on securing the border, following the Supreme Court’s split decision on the Arizona immigration law.

Ted Cruz used the decision as an opportunity to attack opponent David Dewhurst on the failed sanctuary city ban from the last legislative session.

“The federal government is utterly failing to secure our borders. When Arizona stepped in to address out-of-control illegal immigration, liberal groups attacked Arizona and the Obama Administration sued the State. Rather than actually enforce our Nation’s immigration laws—which is the President’s explicit constitutional obligation—President Obama instead asked the Supreme Court to strike down Arizona’s law. Today, the Supreme Court upheld the central provision of the Arizona law. Although the Court unfortunately struck down other provisions of the Arizona law, the Court held that there is no barrier in federal law to States’ requiring local law enforcement to check on the immigration status of those criminally detained," Ted Cruz said in a statement Monday afternoon. "This makes clear that sanctuary cities exist only because of state and local decision-making; it highlights that we have sanctuary cities in Texas only because Lt. Gov. Dewhurst killed the bill that would have ended sanctuary cities. Had the Texas Legislature passed that bill—had Lt. Governor Dewhurst not run from the fight and prevented its passage—then today’s decision would have upheld that Texas law as well.”

Dewhurst also called for the federal government to secure the border, and criticized any legislation that provides a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

"The Supreme Court’s partial ruling on the Arizona immigration law only spotlights the abject failure of the federal government to secure the border. Today’s decision reinforces the need for conservatives in Congress to once and for all quit talking and secure the border," Dewhurst said in a statement Monday morning. "The first step is triple the size of the Border Patrol and authorize them to fight back. Congress must make states and local communities partners in securing the border, allowing them the tools necessary to enforce the laws of our Nation. Any legislation that provides a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens must be dead on arrival, and we must look at all the tools in our arsenal to address the influx of illegal immigrants, the threat of narco-terrorists and drug cartels.”

High court rejects parts of Arizona immigration law

The Supreme Court struck down several provisions of Arizona’s controversial immigration law Monday, however police will be allowed to ask suspects to prove their immigration status if they look like they could be illegal immigrants. People won’t be arrested for minor immigration charges.

Read more:

Read the full slip opinion of the case by clicking here.

Justices said the "show me your papers" provision could still be subject to additional legal challenges.

President Obama said he is "pleased" with the decision but concerned about the remaining provision.

"What this decision makes unmistakably clear is that Congress must act on comprehensive immigration reform. A patchwork of state laws is not a solution to our broken immigration system – it’s part of the problem. At the same time, I remain concerned about the practical impact of the remaining provision of the Arizona law that requires local law enforcement officials to check the immigration status of anyone they even suspect to be here illegally. I agree with the Court that individuals cannot be detained solely to verify their immigration status. No American should ever live under a cloud of suspicion just because of what they look like. Going forward, we must ensure that Arizona law enforcement officials do not enforce this law in a manner that undermines the civil rights of Americans, as the Court’s decision recognizes."

Mitt Romney released a statement shortly after the decision. Romney said the decision shows the need for bipartisan immigration reform.

“Today’s decision underscores the need for a President who will lead on this critical issue and work in a bipartisan fashion to pursue a national immigration strategy. President Obama has failed to provide any leadership on immigration. This represents yet another broken promise by this President. I believe that each state has the duty–and the right–to secure our borders and preserve the rule of law, particularly when the federal government has failed to meet its responsibilities. As Candidate Obama, he promised to present an immigration plan during his first year in office. But 4 years later, we are still waiting.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.