Mitt Romney may have clinched the Republican presidential nomination last week, but that is not silencing some Ron Paul supporters. Things got heated at the Louisiana GOP convention over the weekend, where a supporter was arrested.

According to Reuters, Paul supporter Henry Herford Jr. was asked to leave the Republican convention. He refused, and was eventually "taken away and charged with the misdemeanor crime of entering and remaining after being forbidden."

The Paul campaign described the incident in a press release on Saturday.

"Henry Herford Jr. of Franklin Parrish was attacked by some security officials who didn’t realize that the body had voted out the previous chairman. Mr. Herford has a prosthetic hip and according to a doctor at the scene it appears as though the prosthetic was dislocated and may require replacement," National Campaign Manager John Tate said.

The statement says the campaign "condemns the unfortunate activities that took place" and calls it an "unnecessary conflict." After the incident, Romney’s Louisiana chair told the Paul delegates he would make sure they were seated in Tampa, leading the Paul campaign to thank them for "stepping in and taking the high road."