It’s been a bitter Republican primary in the race for U.S. Senate, and three weeks out from the runoff election, neither Ted Cruz nor David Dewhurst are letting up on the attacks. Both campaigns released new TV ads, Tuesday.

Cruz Attacks Dewhurst on Taxes

The Cruz campaign’s new ad is the first released since the runoff began. The statewide commercial shows a back-and-forth between Cruz and Dewhurst during the June 22 KERA debate, when Cruz asked the lieutenant governor if he supported a payroll tax. During the debate Dewhurst said he never supported a payroll tax in the state. The ad goes on to point out that PolitiFact Texas found Dewhurst’s comments to be false.

Dewhurst Promises Repeal

Lt. Gov. Dewhurst’s new statewide ad, "Full Repeal," accompanied an announcement of the "Dewhurst Plan," a bill he promises to introduce on his first day in the U.S. Senate.

"President Obama has never spent a single day running a business. And in Washington that’s not the exception, it’s the norm. That’s how they came up with Obamacare, the next threat to our economy," Dewhurst says in the ad.