Gov. Perry endorsed Roger Williams in the runoff election for Congressional District 25. Williams is running against Wes Riddle is in the July 31 runoff.

"I strongly endorse Roger Williams for Congress because I know Roger will truly work to overhaul Washington, D.C.," Governor Perry said in a statement. "Washington is broken and needs new people with sound, private sector experience to help bring about limited government, conservative changes for America. Roger Williams will be a leader to stop Barack Obama’s socialist agenda, make Congress abide by the Constitution, and develop conservative solutions to help strengthen our economy."

"I am honored to have Governor Perry endorse me for Congress," Roger Williams said in the same press release. "I have been proud to help elect and re-elect Governor Perry and I believe he is the most conservative governor in America. In 2010, while I was working hard to re-elect our conservative Republican governor, my opponent was serving as the campaign manager for a third-party challenger trying to defeat Governor Perry. I’m proud to be the conservative candidate in this race."