Governor Perry says all candidates should be transparent, but stopped short of calling on Mitt Romney to release more of his tax returns, Tuesday.

His response to the question posed by a reporter at the State Capitol is a far cry from his stance during his time on the campaign trail. As a presidential candidate, Perry hounded Romney to be more transparent and urged him to release his returns. Romney did eventually disclose two years worth, which is fewer than previous candidates. Democrats are now calling on him to release more years.

During a media availability, Tuesday, Perry told the press "no matter who you are, or no matter what office you’re running for, you should be as transparent as you can be with your tax returns and other aspects of your life so people have the appropriate ability to judge your background."

He then turned the focus to the Obama campaign — and the president’s law school transcripts. Perry said "I certainly think that it is inappropriate for the president of the United States to not keep his college transcript and his law school transcripts public. He should make those all available. So I’m all about transparency."

Candidates don’t traditionally disclose their school records. Romney hasn’t released his transcripts, either.