Just before our weekly political show "Capital Tonight" went on the air Thursday, a report linking U.S. Senate Democratic nominee Paul Sadler to the Texas Conservatives Fund Super PAC surfaced.

The pro-Dewhurst Texas Conservatives Fund is the Super PAC that paid for the television spot linking then U.S. Senate Republican candidate Ted Cruz to a young man’s suicide.

Courtesy: Associated Press

In talking with Sadler’s staff directly, Doug Dodson detailed that Sadler was contacted by "somebody connected to the ad, but not with the Texas Conservatives Fund."

Not wanting to disclose the person’s identity, Dodson would not provide any further information only to say they reached out "to offer their support" in Sadler’s run against Cruz in the general election.

Dodson said Sadler declined the offer. He also clarified that any implication that the Texas Conservatives Fund offered money is incorrect.

Rob Johnson, the founder of the Texas Conservatives Fund, also confirmed that his Super PAC did not make such an offer.

Cruz secured the GOP nomination in Tuesday’s runoff election, beating out Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.