Governor Rick Perry, Attorney General Greg Abbott and Senator John Cornyn are all praising a court decision on an EPA rule regarding power plant pollution that crosses into neighboring states. A US Court of Appeals in Washington said the restrictions on cross-state air pollution were too strict on "up-wind" states.

Texas, along with some other states, challenged the law in court. Abbot claimed the restrictions violated federal law and intruded on Texas sovereignty.

"Texas challenged the Obama Administration’s burdensome and unlawful regulations because they jeopardized electric reliability in the state, threatened job losses for hard-working Texans, and exceeded the limits of the EPA’s authority," Abbott said in a press release. "Vindicating the state’s objections to EPA’s aggressive and lawless approach, today’s decision is an important victory for federalism and a rebuke to a federal bureaucracy run amok."

Governor Perry, who you might remember wanted to rebuild the EPA if elected president, used the court’s decision as another example of how and why he disagrees with President Obama’s administration.

"[Tuesday’s] court decision is further proof of an out-of-control and out-of-line EPA," Gov. Perry said in a statement released Tuesday afternoon. "On the heels of our recent flexible air permitting program victory, today’s ruling further dismantles the misguided agenda of President Obama’s activist, overreaching EPA that has no regard for the impact of its imprudent policies on states’ economies or Americans’ checkbooks. Texas will continue to pursue common sense policies that balance the priorities of protecting the environment and allowing our industries to thrive.”

The rule would have taken effect in January. Earlier this month, a circuit court decision upheld the state’s flexible permitting program. That program had been rejected by the EPA.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.