Texas Right to Life, the self-proclaimed oldest and largest pro-life group in the state, is defending Rep. Todd Akin’s comments on abortion in instances of rape. Elizabeth Graham, Director of Texas Right to Life, writes in an email that Akin is being "thrown under the bus" and that the words he "unintentionally said" are now being twisted.

"This past Sunday, Congressman Todd Akin — who is now a candidate for U.S. Senate, running against an extremist, pro-abortion liberal — reaffirmed in a televised interview that he didn’t believe that abortion should be legal in cases of rape. Akin explained that the rapist should be the one punished for the crime, not the unborn child. We need more senators like him," Graham writes.

Graham asks supporters to tell their friends, and the media, that Akin is right in his comments. Other pro-life advocates have defended Akin, including actor Kirk Cameron.