First Lady Michelle Obama is riding a wave of popular support in Charlotte, following what most are calling a home run speech last night.

There wasn’t much time for the delegates’ excitement to wear off. Hundreds lined up at the Charlotte Convention Center for a second opportunity to see the First Lady in person. She attended both the Black and Hispanic caucus meetings.

Mrs. Obama followed up on many of the themes from her prime time address. She touted her husband’s stance on health care reform, women’s rights, the auto industry and small business.

Perhaps more than anything, though, Obama stressed the importance of getting out the vote in swing states; and urged those who don’t live in swing states to visit some. Fundraising is also of upmost importance. She told the Hispanic caucus, "If you can afford to write a check, then write a check. If you’ve written a check and you haven’t maxed out, max out."

Supporters we spoke with said not only do they adore President Obama’s policies, but they have a special affinity for the first lady. "She’s flawless, and she represents everybody in America," said delegate Janice Flemons. "She a mom, she’s a wife, she’s professional, she went to college. She is everything."

Below is a slideshow of Michelle Obama’s Democratic National Convention address, as well as her appearance at the Hispanic caucus, Wednesday.