Dissecting the debate

Capital Tonight host Paul Brown sat down earlier today with former Austin broadcaster and presidential debate coach Neal Spelce to talk about last night’s Presidential showdown. Among Spelce’s observations, he says Jim Lehrer ‘blew it’ as a moderator. Spelce helped coach John McCain and Sarah Palin for the 2008 presidential and vice presidential debates.

The state of the US Senate race

Unlike the last night’s presidential debate, Tuesday’s US Senate match-up spurred headlines not for its substance, but for its fire. Our Capital Commentators will join us at the roundtable to talk about what, if any, impact it will have on the outcome of the November election.

Inside the Perry presidential campaign

All of Texas watched as Governor Rick Perry shot to the front of the pack of presidential candidates in the primary election. And his constituents at home looked on as the ‘Oops’ heard round the nation signaled the ultimate demise of his campaign. Tonight, we’ll be joined live in studio by Texas Tribune reporter Jay Root, author of Oops! A Diary from the Campaign Trail, for some insight into what may have caused his candidacy to crumble.