Immigration and the presidential race

Immigration is one of the central issues in this presidential election and the two candidates have vastly different positions. President Obama has been criticized for failing to deliver on his 2008 promise for comprehensive immigration reform. Romney, meanwhile, has taken heat for calling on undocumented workers to "self-deport" and his vow to veto the DREAM act. Tonight, our Washington DC Bureau reporter Erin Billups will take a closer look at the candidates plans and how they would implement them if elected.

The race for US House District 35

Longtime Congressman Lloyd Doggett is hoping to win reelection in a new district. Redistricting forced Doggett out of his current district, and into one that includes parts of both Austin and San Antonio. He is facing former San Marcos mayor Susan Narvaiz, who is running on a platform of sensible spending cuts and a fair tax policy. She will join our Paul Brown tonight to talk more about why voters should send her to Washington. Congressman Doggett, meanwhile, will be a guest later this month.

Capital Commentators

This week, there is renewed chatter about Governor Rick Perry’s future plans; and as the election nears, we are looking at the future make up of the Texas Legislature. As always, our Capital Commentators will join us at the round table to break it all down.