United States of Subsidies

A New York Times series is exploring the incentive programs states use to entice companies to the state. At $19 billion a year, Texas doles out more incentives than any other state; but at what price? Tonight, we talk to Investigative Reporter Louise Story about her research and the impact those incentives are having on local school districts.

The state of charter schools

Charter schools have been an alternative in Texas since the mid 1990’s. While they can offer education alternatives, they are tightly regulated by the state. Tonight, Capital Tonight’s Sebastian Robertson takes a closer look at ways some lawmakers are looking to change that, this coming session.

Capital Commentators

Our Capital Commentators will join us in the studio to talk about the buzz heading into the legislative session and to break down the issues likely to take center stage. We’ll also revisit redistricting, as the legal action ramps up in federal court and the US Supreme Court considers taking on a challenge to the Voting Rights Act.