State Budget Preview

Monday morning, Comptroller Susan Combs released the state’s biennial revenue estimate. The $8 billion surplus stands in stark contrast to the 27-billion dollar shortfall lawmakers faced in 2011. While some are cautiously optimistic, some democrats are highly critical of the State Comptroller’s office. Click on the video link at the end of this post to hear more from Comptroller Susan Combs.  We also have reaction from Senators Wendy Davis and Kirk Watson.

Lobbying Texas

Lobbying and the Legislature go hand in hand. Tonight, we begin an ongoing segment called “Lobbying Texas.” The Texas Classroom Teachers Association is deeply immersed in the key issue of education.  Lonnie Hollingsworth Jr., the Director of Legal Services and Governmental Relations, weighs in on the projected budget surplus.

On the Agenda

Texas is unique in the sense that caucus do not rule the legislative agenda. So is this a good thing? Harvey Kronberg offers his opinion in his segment, “On the Agenda.”