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Since the start of session Tuesday, we’ve been hearing a lot of vague plans and priorities from state leaders.  Thursday, in an interview with Capital Tonight, Gov. Rick Perry shared more specifics on his plans for the future. 

We talked to him about calls from some lawmakers to restore funding cuts made to education last year. 

“Why wouldn’t we want to have an open and very transparent discussion about which one of these programs delivers the best results for the people of state of Texas. Have that conversation,” the governor said. “And if the legislature agrees that this needs to be funded at a higher level, then I would suggest to you that’s what’s going to happen.

Gov. Perry also talked about the embattled Cancer Research Prevention Institute of Texas.

“We know that the best and quickest way to get cures into the marketplace is to have commercialization of those technologies,” Perry said.

Rep. Craig Eiland is among the lawmakers questioning that path for CPRIT, saying: “If you look at the ballot language that was sent to the voters, ‘commercialization’ was not mentioned to my recollection.”

Thursday’s show also digs into why some politicians are backpedaling on a bill passed last session. The Sunset Advisory Commission put the brakes on nine commercial projects slated for the Capitol Complex this week, including a proposed planetarium. Now, some lawmakers who voted for the bill that set those projects in motion are changing their minds.